Corporate Litigation

We handle the most complex controversies with effectiveness in mind

Members of the corporate litigation team at ESTUDIO | GRANDA  represent clients before the Judiciary and domestic and international Arbitral Panels, participate as ad-hoc experts in both types of litigation and run the resolution of controversies, directly acting as Arbitrators and Mediators.

Our experience includes preventing controversies through contractual structures, designing tailor made arbitral contractual agreements, devising and implementing pre-arbitration strategies, negotiating and executing out-of-court settlements and acting as mediators in high profile pre-litigation negotiations.

ESTUDIO | GRANDA sets up its activities in the controversy resolution field, by starting from anticipating and mitigating its clients’ exposure to litigation related risks, thus promoting their active participation in structuring the controversy resolution strategy.

We have represented individuals and domestic and transnational corporations participating in the financial, insurance, energy, mining, construction, oil, telecommunications and manufacturing industries, amongst others. Our experience includes representing clients before governments in condemnations or takings, and discriminatory treatment of their investments under international treaties such as Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) y Multilateral Trade Agreements (MTAs).

ESTUDIO | GRANDA has participated in judicial and arbitral litigation concerning mergers and acquisitions (shareholder v. shareholder and shareholder v. corporation), oil and gas (government v. private company and private company v. private company), concession agreements and governmental contracts (government v. operator and private company v. government), energy (government v. operator, government v. private company and private company v. private company), condemnations (government v. private company, government v. individuals), commercial contracts (private company v. private company in multiple industries), insurance (government v. private company, insurer v. reinsurer, insurance company v. private company), telecommunications (operator v. operator), corporate finance (bank v. private company), and, in general, in controversies and litigation concerning contract interpretation, breach of contract and civil liability cases.



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